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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Hartford Bibliography


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Trecker Library: F102.H3 B8 REF

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Dodd Center

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Babbidge Library: F104.H3 W8


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Trecker Library: F104.H3 L9


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Babbidge Connecticut Documents


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Dodd Center

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20 th CENTURY:

Brick, Timothy J., Emergency public child welfare service in Hartford, Connecticut ; a descriptive study of the Emergency Service provided by the Child Welfare Unit of the Hartford Department of Public Welfare. 1962.
Trecker Library Theses: HV741 .B7 1962

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Hartford in 1912: story of the capitol city, present and prospective ... 1912.
Babbidge Library: F104.H3 H4

Trecker Library: HQ797 .H42 1993a

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Trecker Library: HD6060.65 .U55 C8 1993a


Achieving the balance: a plan of conservation and development for the Capitol Region . 2003.
West Hartford Public Library

Coltsville Study Act of 2003: report (to accompany S. 233) (including cost estimate of the Congressional Budget Office). 2003.
URL Voyager


Ammerman, Nancy T., Doing good in Hartford: congregations and service organizations building the community : a research report from the Organizing Religious Work Project. 2001.
Trecker Library: BL2525 .O7454 2001

Citizens' Research Education Network; with data provided by City of Hartford Planning Department, Neighborhood profiles.. 1995.
Trecker Library: HA730.H4 C52 1995

___ CREN Neighborhood profiles 2000 available online

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Greater Hartford Theses

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Hartford Public Library


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Parsons Transportation Group, Inc., Adriaen's Landing, Hartford, Connecticut: environmental impact evaluation/draft environmental impact statement, prepared pursuant to 42 U.S.C. 4332(2)(c) and Public Act 99-241 and amended in Public Act 00-140. 2001.
Babbidge Connecticut Documents

State of the city: historical overview, trends, and future projections. 1983.
Trecker Library: F104.H3 H3 1983


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Babbidge Library: HG 2613 H24 P55

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Greater Hartford manufacturers directory. Periodical.
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Passbook to a proud past and a promising future; 1819-1969, 150th anniversary. 1969.
Trecker Library: F104.H3 S6


Andrews, Gregory and David F. Ransom, Structures and styles: guided tours of Hartford architecture. 1988.
Torrington Library: NA735.H37 A71 1988

Hartford architecture: Hartford Architecture Conservancy survey. 1978-80.
Babbidge Art


Atlas of Hartford city and county: with a map of Connecticut, from actual surveys. 1869.
Babbidge Map Library

Atlas of the city of Hartford, and the town of West Hartford, Connecticut. 1909.
Babbidge Map Library

U.S. Department of Commerce, Social and Economic Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Labor, Manpower Administration. Urban atlas, tract data for standard metropolitan statistical areas: Hartford, Connecticut. 1974.
Babbidge Maps


1990 census of population and housing. Population and housing characteristics for census tracts and block numbering areas. Hartford-New Britain-Middletown, CT CMSA. 1993.
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Connecticut population projections: projections of the population of Connecticut, its municipalities and regions by age and sex: 1980to 2010. 1989.
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