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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

It is the mission of the University of Connecticut Libraries to provide every library patron access to all library facilities and collections to the best of our abilities. This page contains information on library services for persons with disabilities at Avery Point Library, University of Connecticut, Avery Point Campus. For other UConn locations, please consult the appropriate Library or site.


The Library provides assistance to persons with permanent or temporary disabilities on an individual basis. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Retrieval of library materials held at Avery Point Library, Avery Point Campus.
  • Assistance with bibliographic sources.
  • Orientation to the Library building.
  • Assistance with research projects.
  • Access to materials in alternative formats.


Service Animal Policy


Avery Point Library has the following equipment available:

  • Accessible workstations for the Library's electronic services
  • Internet access

Physical Access

Avery Point Library has a ramp to the west entrance but does not have an automatic door. There is a doorbell for patrons requiring assistance. There is an elevator to the second floor which may require assistance from staff.

Requests for retrieval of library materials held at the Avery Point Library are made through the Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan by University of Connecticut students, faculty and staff. Avery Point Library staff will assist patrons with retrieval on site.

Links to other University of Connecticut Resources for Students with Disabilities