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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Content/Features Comparison of HOMER and UConn WorldCat

Content/Features HOMER UConn WorldCat
Records for materials (books, journals, movies, maps, music scores and recordings, computer files, dissertations, government documents, etc.) held by the UConn Libraries Yes Yes
Records display local holdings, locations, and status information (Checked out, In transit, etc.) drawn from our HOMER Catalog system Yes Yes
Borrow an item from another UConn campus (InterCampus Express - ICE) Yes Yes
Directly request an item not owned by UConn through ILL No Yes
Sort capability by relevance, author, title, date (increasing) and date (decreasing) Yes, except not by relevance Yes
Article records from ArticleFirst, MEDLINE, ERIC, British Library Inside Serials, OAIster, JSTOR, Elsevier, GPO (Government Printing Office), H.W. Wilson, JSTOR, MedLine, OAIster, to name a few. No Yes
Multilingual interface (e.g., interface labels in German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese) No Yes
Create citations to items in multiple styles No Yes
Directly export references into EndNote and RefWorks No Yes
Search results quickly limited by format, author, year, or other facet. No Yes
Displays holdings of local campus library and all UConn libraries. Yes Yes
Displays holdings of local campus library, all UConn libraries, Boston Library Consortium, and libraries worldwide No Yes
Allows user to save records to a list Yes, one list called My Bookbag Yes, multiple lists, public or private.
Allows user to share lists with others No Yes
Ability to search for lists created by others & by contacts No Yes
Add a review or tag items No Yes
Brings editions and different formats (e.g., books, videos) of a work together No Yes

UConn WorldCat FAQ

  • What can I find in UConn WorldCat?
    UConn WorldCat contains records to:
    • Items from over 10,000 libraries around the world including the University of Connecticut Libraries (over 125,000,000 books)
    • Over 100,000,000 journal and magazine articles
    • Government publications
    • CDs, DVDs, maps, Web resources
    • Archival materials
    UConn WorldCat contains over 57,000,000 article-level records from over 36,000 journals and 100,000 conference proceedings extracted from the ArticleFirst, British Library Inside Serials, ERIC, GPO (Government Printing Office), H.W. Wilson, JSTOR, MedLine, and OAIster, to name a few.

  • What can I NOT find in UConn WorldCat?
    • Some UConn-licensed large online collections, such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online are being negotiated and will be searchable through the Advanced Search as EEBO is now.
    • Many smaller local collections like the Leisure Reading Collection, Women"s Center, Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center, Herbarium Reading Room, etc.
    • Articles NOT indexed in ArticleFirst, British Library Inside Serials, ERIC, GPO (Government Printing Office), H.W. Wilson, JSTOR, MedLine, OAIster, PapersFirst, and ProceedingsFirst databases.
    Use HOMER and our Research Databases to search UConn Libraries complete.

  • How do I search in UConn WorldCat?
    Help from Soup to Nuts: created by UConn WorldCat
    Search Guidelines: Tips on wildcards, truncations, boolean, and more.

    There are 2 search types:
    For help when using UConn WorldCat, click on the "Help" link under "Home" in the upper left corner of the search screen.

  • How are search results displayed?
    Results are sorted in order of relevance, UConn items shown first. You can sort by author, title, and date, and search results can be refined in a number of ways. Click on the "Help" link under "Home" in the upper left-hand corner of the results screen for more information.

  • Can I limit my search to certain types of resources?
    Yes! After using the single box search, on the results page use the left hand menu to limit by Author, Format, Year, Content, Audience, Language, and/or Topic (Subject). In the Advanced Search, you can specify these criteria immediately in your search.

  • For journal articles, will UConn WorldCat link me to the online full text?
    Yes, if UConn subscribes to the journal online. Click the article title and find the UConnLinks icon on the page. UConnLinks will provide the online link. It will also connect you to HOMER if it is not online to check our print journals.

  • How can I provide feedback about this database?
    To send us your feedback, click on University of Connecticut Libraries on the top menu of UConn WorldCat and then choose "Comments" from the dropdown list. Your ideas and thoughts will help improve this tool.

  • What benefits are there to creating a personal account?
    A WorldCat user account allows you to create a personal profile; build private and public lists of library items; and contribute reviews and notes to WorldCat records. To create your own account, click on "Sign in" in the upper right of the screen and then click on "create a free account".