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UConn Theses & Dissertations (Reproduction of)

The University Libraries provides access to theses and dissertations at the Homer Babbidge Library and in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Electronic access is provided to UConn theses (2005- ) and dissertations (1972- ) via the Libraries' Digital Commons, also known as UConn's digital institutional repository (IR). This service is restricted to individuals with a UConn email address.


Portions of UConn theses and dissertations may be copied when they are used under the provision of Fair Use, U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 107 or as determined using a case-by-case four-factor analysis.

Requests for photocopies of a UConn thesis in its entirety and housed in the University Archives will only be honored when accompanied by the written permission of the author and submitted to the University Archivist. Complete copies of UConn dissertations may be ordered from ProQuest directly.

The Libraries retain the right to refuse materials for reserve or reproduction on the basis of condition, rarity, donor-imposed restrictions, law-related or administrative concerns.

Content in this page was used or adapted with permission from one or more institutions. Please see acknowledgements.

Information in this page was reviewed and approved by legal counsel. Please see disclaimer. Review date: March 2007.

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