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"Shrink Wrap" and Click-through Licenses

Some types of license specify that the end user must explicitly agree to the terms of the license before using the licensed product, and they state that the act of entering the resource or opening the package constitutes such an agreement. For "shrink-wrapped" licenses (usually used for software), unwrapping the package signals acceptance of the license terms. "Click-through" licenses are more usual with online resources, and these require the user to read and accept a set of license terms before gaining access to the resource.

University Policy

University policy is very specific: it is a violation to use university information technology resources in an illegal manner.

"Information technology (IT) resources must be utilized respectfully and as authorized and designed.

While utilizing University-owned IT resources, no user or administrator is authorized to engage in any activity that violates University policy or any illegal activity under local, state, federal or international law." See the full policy at Acceptable Use, Information Technology.

Content in this page was used or adapted with permission from one or more institutions. Please see acknowledgements.


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