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The University Libraries provides basic and specialized library instruction that supports the research and instructional needs of the university community. The primary function of these services is to assist and instruct users in accessing, evaluating, and using information, and to enhance users' understanding of the economic, legal, and social issues associated with the use of information. Such instruction may take place in a classroom, library meeting room, computer lab, or in an online environment.

What May Be Copied

The following may be reproduced (or adapted for the circumstances) by library staff for use in instructional services:

  • Entire works or sections of works that are in the public domain
  • Entire works or sections of works by the U.S. government
  • Entire works or sections of works used with permission (obtained in writing) from the copyright holder
  • Entire works or sections of works used under the provisions of Section 108 of the U.S. copyright law ("Reproduction by Libraries and Archives")
  • Works used under the provisions of Section 110 (2) ("Exemptions of Certain Performances and Displays")
  • Portions of books, journal issues, and other print resources that meet a reasonable determination of fair use
  • Works used under the provisions of a contract or license agreement; such agreements may differ from, and often take precedence over, what is allowed under copyright law

Library staff reserve the right to refuse or limit requests if, in their judgment, the requested materials and/or intended use would exceed fair use or otherwise constitute copyright infringement.

Library staff may also create original instructional materials (see Works Created at UConn). Regardless of ownership, professional courtesy suggests that one should ask before using or adapting another's work; it also suggests liberal sharing works created in the course of day-to-day work.


Library's Responsibilities

  • Library staff are responsible for determining, on a case-by-case basis, whether the contemplated use of a copyrighted work meets the above-stated criteria. When permissions are needed, staff are expected to make any required arrangements. (If a use is "fair," professional courtesy may still suggest contact with the owner.)
  • Only the amount needed to accomplish the specific educational purpose should be reproduced.
  • Reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that access to reproduced materials is limited to the recipient(s) of the specific instructional activity.
  • Reproductions of copyrighted materials will display the appropriate copyright notice.

Student, TA, and Course Instructor Responsibilities

  • Reproductions of copyrighted materials made available as part of library instructional services are to be used solely for non-commercial personal study, scholarship, research, or teaching purposes by the individual recipient(s).
  • Reproductions of copyrighted materials made available through library instructional services become the property of the recipient (if intended for later use) and should not be reproduced for further distribution, except where there is a reasonable determination of fair use. (Professional courtesy may still suggest contact with the copyright owner.)


Content in this page was used or adapted with permission from one or more institutions. Please see acknowledgements.

Information in this page was reviewed and approved by legal counsel. Please see disclaimer. Review date: September 2007.

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