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Thomas J. Dodd Research Center: Copyright Statement

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General Statement

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center (DRC) holds the archival, manuscript and special collections materials for the University of Connecticut. The collections contain both published and unpublished materials. A significant number of these materials are copyrighted.

In addition to published materials, the Dodd Research Center provides access to the majority of the unpublished materials (e.g., manuscripts, archives, photographs, oral histories, theses, and dissertations) held by the University of Connecticut Libraries. Provisions outlined in this document may also be applied to copyrighted materials, both published and unpublished, located in other UConn libraries. See the sidebar for a list of libraries. These institutions may also have additional, or institutional specific, provisions or requirements for the materials in their care.


Materials may be reproduced when they are

  1. in the public domain; or
  2. used with permission from the copyright holder; or
  3. used under the provisions of a contract or license agreement; such agreements may differ from, and often take precedence over, what is allowed under copyright law; or
  4. used under the provision of Fair Use, U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 107, as outlined in the Classroom Guidelines or as determined using a case-by-case four-factor analysis.

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center retains the right to refuse materials for reserve or reproduction on the basis of condition, rarity, donor-imposed restrictions, law-related, or administrative concerns. Theses and dissertations may have additional restrictions or requirements. If reproduction is allowed, the DRC's mediated reproduction procedures must be followed.


The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center requires that patrons submit (in writing) requests for permission to publish. Patrons must provide exact citations of the materials to be published, as well as a description of the publication project, print size, and expected audience. If publication permission is granted, a copy of the publication is requested for inclusion in the Dodd Research Center collections. For specifics, please consult the Dodd Research Center Staff.

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Content in this page was used or adapted with permission from one or more institutions. Please see acknowledgements.

Information in this page was reviewed and approved by legal counsel. Please see disclaimer. Review date: March 2007.

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