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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Homer Babbidge Library Classroom Policies

These policies pertain to the following rooms on the Storrs campus:

  • Babbidge Library: Electronic Classroom 1, Electronic Classroom 2, the Undergraduate Research Classroom, Video Theater 1, Video Theater 2, and the Library Lecture Center
  • Music & Dramatic Arts Library (M&DAL): Seminar Room (2nd Level) and Seminar Room (Basement). Note: Use of the seminar rooms in M&DAL is wholly mediated by that library’s staff.  See

The following policies are in accordance with the Statement on Instruction Space included in the Libraries Space Use Policy, accessible at, which reads:

There is a growing demand for the use of the library’s instruction rooms, lecture rooms, and video theaters by teaching faculty, teaching assistants, and other non-library staff. The library seeks to maximize the use of these instruction venues by making each of the spaces as flexible and multi-purpose as possible and by making sure that the spaces are available to all potential users in a fair and equitable manner.

Library instruction spaces are for supplemental use only; they are not to be reserved for the exclusive use of semester-long courses.

Library Classrooms are intended primarily for instruction and training sponsored by staff at the Libraries.  Requests from faculty to use an electronic classroom (this does not apply to video theaters) for research instruction should go to the appropriate Library subject specialist ( All other requests should be directed to

Library Classrooms may be available for other educational teaching, meeting, training or presentation by persons/groups affiliated with the University of Connecticut. Non-University groups may be permitted limited use of Libraries classrooms during summer months and academic breaks for a fee.

Please note that:

  • Classrooms are not available for semester-length class meetings
  • Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis for:
    • Use of classroom by University departments, student groups, etc.
    • multiple uses of rooms  (more than 2-3 times in one semester)
    • simultaneous use of two or more rooms
    • Use of classrooms (during summer/breaks) by non-University groups
  • Please try to schedule the room that is most appropriate to class requirements
  • Needed changes in hardware and software should be discussed with the Library’s IT department at least two weeks prior to a scheduled class meeting. Email
  • The Libraries is not responsible for left or unattended items

For information about reserving other, non-classroom spaces in the Babbidge Library and Dodd Research Center for both University and public use, see