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University of Connecticut University Libraries

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Other Significant Gifts

Auriemma Reserve Reading Room

Women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma has pledged $125,000 to the Homer Babbidge Library. The Auriemma gift enhances the scope and quality of the programs of the University's main library and will be matched with $1 for every $2 of the gift through the state's endowment matching program. Funds will be used to purchase books, new technology and related library resources for the benefit of University students, faculty and staff. In honor of this gift, the newly-renovated reserve reading area in the Homer Babbidge Library has been named in honor of the Auriemma family.

The Norman D. Stevens Gallery

The Norman D. Stevens Gallery has been established by the family, friends and colleagues of Norman Stevens to honor his distinguished service to the University, his significant contributions to librarianship, and his generous support of the arts. Dr. Stevens is the former Director of the Homer Babbidge Library and is currently an active volunteer in Archives & Special Collections.

The Zinger Mobile by Tim Prentice

The commission of this work was made possible through contributions by the family, friends and colleagues of David L. Kapp, former Associate Director for Collections and Information Services. David Kapp's vision and leadership in the planning, design, and furnishing of several university library buildings are hallmarks of his many years of service. The Homer Babbidge Library is visual testimony to his belief that a positive learning experience is best achieved within an aesthetically vibrant and welcoming environment.

The Laura and Walter Broughton Leisure Reading Room

The Leisure Reading Room and collection is intended primarily as a service to undergraduates, who have no easy access to a public library in Storrs. The room is named for Laura Stepeck Broughton, Class of 1947, and Captain Walter T. Broughton USN, in recognition of their generous support for The Leisure Reading Room.

The Leisure Reading Collection was made possible by a bequest from Abbie Jean Quick in memory of Elsie Gray Marsh. On the occasion of his retirement from the University Libraries, the colleagues and friends of David Garnes acknowledged his twenty years of service to the University by establishing an Honor with Books fund in his name. At his request, income from the fund will support the Babbidge Library's Leisure Reading Collection.

Kaman Corporation Workstations for Students with Disabilities

In 1999 and 2000 Kaman Corporation gave $10,000 for the purchase of two workstations and accessories for students with disabilities. Located in the Homer Babbidge Library, the Kaman sponsored workstations are available to both students and members of the community with special needs, allowing users to access the Internet as well as the many on-line resources available through the library.

Thomson Corporation Wireless Electronic Classroom

This project benefited the Jeremy Richard Library at the Stamford Regional Campus. It transformed the audiovisual room into a collaborative learning environment which can accommodate 18 students. With the addition of modular furnishings, a wireless access point connected to the campus data jacks, and notebook computers with wireless network adapters, this room has expanded the campus instructional options and provided flexibility and mobility. The room is also equipped with videoconferencing equipment to provide distance learning classes to other locations.

Capuano New Book Display Area

The New Book Display Area in the Homer Babbidge Library is the gift of the Capuano Family in memory of John and Mary Capuano.

Class of 2000 - Senior Class Gift

As their senior class gift to the University, the Class of 2000 raised in excess of $20,000 to renovate and furnish the 24-hour study room in the Homer Babbidge Library.

Class of 2006 - Senior Class Gift

As their senior class gift to the University, the Class of 2006 raised almost $33,000 to expand the popular Bookworms Café in the Homer Babbidge Library.

Fritzi Batchelor Information Technology Fund

Upon Fritzi Batchelor's retirement after more than 25 years of service to University of Connecticut Libraries, her colleagues, friends and family raised over $20,500 to establish a library technology endowment fund in her honor. The microcomputer lab on Level B in the Homer Babbidge Library was also renamed The Fritzi Batchelor Microcomputer Lab.

DD/ILL Renovations Fund

In recognition of Nancy Orth's 29 years of service to University of Connecticut Libraries, her colleagues, friends and family raised over $7,000 to renovate the Document Delivery/Inter-Library Loan (DD/ILL) staff area in the Homer Babbidge Library that Nancy oversaw for much of her career at the University of Connecticut.

Dennis Thornton Art Fund

In recognition of Dennis Thornton's 33 years of service to University of Connecticut Libraries, his colleagues and friends created an art fund in his honor for the purchase of artworks for the Libraries. "Color Machine" by Clint Deckert was the first acquisition purchased in Dennis's name for display in the Libraries.

UConn Libraries Social Development Fund

Upon his retirement in 2006, David McChesney launched an effort to create this new fund in support of library social events that give staff a chance to interact informally. Such events help build a spirit of camaraderie that can in turn enable staff to work together more effectively.