Remote Access System

The Library’s system for accessing electronic databases, books and journals from off campus is called EZProxy.Here’s how it works: resources like EBSCOhost, Lexis-Nexis or JSTOR recognize you as an authorized user when you are on
campus, but off campus, authentication is required. Previously, we used the VPN (Virtual Private Network) for this, and you had to log into the VPN before using
library resources. This is no longer necessary. Now, when you are on the library web site
EZProxy will know when you need to log in and simply ask for your NetID the first time you click on a link that requires authentication.
After that, you are done logging in for the duration of your browser session.

You can, of course, continue to use the VPN if you like.
Please send questions or comments to

A bit more detail on how it works

If you want to proxy your own links, so you can share them with other UConn users off campus without using the VPN, just do this:

Add to the URL you want to proxy.

For example: To proxy this link just make it look like this:

Now you can click on the link from off campus and, if you haven’t already logged in to an EZproxy link, you’ll be prompted for your NetID and password. On campus users will never be prompted for NetID credentials.

Links that you save or bookmark while in a proxied session will already be proxied.

Don’t proxy links to things that are not restricted to the UConn Community! They won’t work. For example:

EZProxy will also improve access to resources with special technical requirements, like Naxos Music Library, and will offer greater privacy as it will limit the
amount of your web traffic that passes through the University network. It will also allow you to create links that are easy to distribute to other off campus users.