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The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree Recent work from three generations of the Ziner family Amie, Eric and Melissa, Joe, Marc & Ted

In 1958 Feenie and Zeke became the parents of triplets--Amie, Eric and Ted. Their births ushered in a uniquely satisfying period in the life of the Ziner family. They settled into an enormous old Hudson River Valley mansion in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Money was scarce, but space and a sense of life's possibilities were in ample supply. Joe, who became a printmaker, says of the life at Dobbs Ferry, "I was raised by working artists and so became one also. We never talked about money. We just learned how to do everything." And his brother Marc, now an advertising executive, agrees. "Mom and Dad," he says, "demonstrated their commitment to their children, their respective crafts and an unwavering love and respect for each other. In doing so, they gave each of us everything we need to live well, recognize, and even create good art." Eric, destined to become a blacksmith, identifies Zeke as his inspiration, "Growing up watching my dad working metal, I was amazed at the endless things that could be done with this medium. It became one of my life's passions and I am drawn to the material like a magnet." Eric is married to Melissa Greene, a ceramist whose extraordinary pots and bowls will be included in this exhibit. Her work reflects "the relationships between animals and the natural world, myths, rituals, women, families, daily life and the crafts of many cultures."

Each of the Ziner children learned not only how to "do" art but how to make it an inseparable part of their lives. "Growing up in a family of spatial artists has often led me to express myself visually," says Ted. "Art" according to Amie, a videographer and television producer, "is what we all did. I think of it as a spiritual process, a tool for self-exploration, and I absolutely believe everyone can access this process." Finally, it was Feenie who captured the exhilaration of the family's life at Dobbs Ferry in her book A Full House. "The house," she said, "made the improbable real and allowed everyone to believe in miracles."

Eric     Ted     Amie     Marc     Joe Ziner     Melissa Green-Ziner