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January 20 - March 6, 2009

Summer Evening [monotype], by Joan Jacobson-Zamore

Summer Evening, by Joan Jacobson-Zamore

Familiar Terrian: Joan Jacobson-Zamore, Printmaker

Stevens Gallery
Homer Babbidge Library
Curators: Laura Smith and Suzanne Zack

Joan Jacobson-Zamore has created art all her life. While auditing a class at Yale University with Richard Claude Ziemann, she discovered the happy surprise called the monotype. Many pieces in the show are monotypes made in the plein air style, but other printing techniques are also in evidence. For example, lithography is combined with block printing in some of her large-scale prints. But the artist describes her mark making as the distinct signature of her self expression.

For the monotypes, Jacobson-Zamore paints onto a metal etching plate with oil based printing inks loosened with turpentine and linseed oil. Back in her studio, she prints the image on paper using a Brand printing press. “My work is as much about the art-making process as it is about my subject--the landscape and its ephemeral nature,” she says. “I express the yin and yang of painting and the elements of art and try to balance all these ingredients to create a dance of visual pleasure.”

Jacobson-Zamore earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Hunter College in New York and returned to Pratt Institute in 1985-1987 to obtain her MFA in printmaking. Her work is included in the collections of Yale University, Colgate University, the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport CT, and the Aetna Corporation, and has been published in the poetry magazine, Parnassus. She has received numerous prizes for her work.

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