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Perspectives on Human Rights

Images & Observations by Children's Book Illustrators

Tikvah, the Hebrew word for hope, expresses the concern that children's book illustrators have for human rights. The preservation and expansion of those rights is essential to a healthy worldly community and to the fullest appreciation of their artistic works. Children must dwell in a safe, nurturing environment to fully enjoy the wonderful images that illustrators create for them.

In this exhibition, forty-three distinguished contemporary American children's book illustrators express their commitment to human rights--in images and in words. The artist's statements are found in a notebook in the exhibition area. The styles and themes that the artists have used to express their thoughts vary widely, touching on subjects as diverse as child labor, racial discrimination, war and the role of women in society. Some artists have illustrated their vision with symbols of peace while others have sought to engage the viewer's attention with powerful images of violence. Each work embodies its own message, together they make a forceful statement about the critical importance of human rights.

The images and artist's statements included in this exhibition will be published in a book, accompanied by biographies of the artists. Intended for an adult audience, the book Tikvah will be printed in both a trade edition and also in two limited editions. One limited edition of 43 copies will be signed by every artist in this exhibit and will include original art by one of the featured atists as well as a limited edition print by Barry Moser, the designer of the book. The second limited edition of approximately 150 copies will include a numbered and signed copy of Mr. Moser's original print. Profits realized from the sale of the original art and the book will benefit the endowment of the Northeast Children's Literature Collections.

The Northeast Children's Literature Collection (NCLC) comprises approximately 15,000 volumes of late nineteenth-century and twentieth-century illustrated American children's books as well as a large body of original art from approximately fifty comtemporary children's authors and illustrators, most of whom live and work in the northeastern United States. The NCLC is part of the Archives & Special Collections Department of the University of Connecticut Libraries and is housed in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

For more information about Tikvah, the exhibition or the published books, or about the Northeast Children's Literature Collections, please contact Norman D. Stevens, Director Emeritus, University of Connecticut Libraries,860-429-7051 or