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Beauty at the Margins Photographs by Walter Rabetz

Walter Rabetz's work is concerned with the discarded in our society. Whether it is discarded balls (depicted almost as worlds in themselves) or discarded people in old age homes or animals in zoos, he looks for beauty at the margins of society. What others no longer even see, he collects and revisits with respect and reverence.

Rabetz has been a photographer for many years, working in the traditional wet techniques he first explored at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied with Harry Callahan. While he still works in that modality, he has also done much work in a new technique that fuses one of the oldest processes in art with one of the newest. Combining digital photography with hand-cranked printmaking, he creates images that have the provenance of photography but also the soft, ethereal qualities of etchings. Done on watercolor paper, they glow with a sense of age that enhances the meaning of the images.

Dodd Research Center
Curator: Dennis Thornton

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