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August 25 - October 10, 2008


Sensory Integration, by Carmela Venti

Sensory Integration, by Carmela Venti


Four in Prints: Claudia Fieo, Margot Rocklen, Kim Tester and Carmela Venti, members of the Printmakers Network of Southern New England

Stevens Gallery , Homer Babbidge Library
Curators: David Avery and Laura Smith

The prints of Claudia Fieo, Margot Rocklen, Kim Tester and Carmela Venti, although visually diverse, all rely on metaphor to express personal views and experiences. The artists, each in her own style and using a variety of printmaking techniques, explore the relationship between humanity and nature.

Fieo's imagery of natural forms seeks to reveal the extraordinary within ordinary life experiences. Nature, for her, is "the palpable manifestation of the divine." She is fascinated with its "seamless harmonies and troubled by the nascent rupture of humanity from it. She aspires to the potential for reconciliation of people with the earth from which they’ve sprung.”

Rocklen contrasts visual harmony with irony through the juxtaposition of images that “evoke the essence of an object, history of a place, or significance of a word.” Like Fieo, she confronts humanity’s perpetual struggle to maintain a balance with nature: “our own human nature, and our natural environment.” See her biographical statement here.

Tester “focuses on the reflection and transitions that occur with memories.” Her images are metaphors for memories “as precious artifacts or relics,” whose “psychological interpretations search for the connections between the subconscious and the conscious world.” See her biographical statement here.

Venti examines the complexities of human nature by merging the figure with maps. The maps “symbolize nature and a vast amount of information about time and space.” The works create a relationship between person/place, cognition and identity. See her biographical statement here.

The artists are members of the Printmakers' Network of Southern New England, a group of independent printmakers and educators that seeks to facilitate education, advocacy, communication, and the discussion of standards for regional print makers.

More work by the printmakers is available here.


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