October 19 - December 18, 2009

Mansfield Hollow in Mansfield, Connecticut, photographed by Hansuk Ock

Mansfield Hollow in Mansfield, Connecticut

Water -- Photographs of New England by Hansuk Ock

Homer Babbidge Library Gallery on the Plaza
Curator: Laura Smith

Hansuk Ock, a native of South Korea, earned his doctorate in geography at Seoul National University, specializing in landscape studies of both urban and rural areas. He is the author of a pictorial history of Kangdong, a suburb of Seoul, and served as president of the Association of Korean Photo-Geographers in 2002-2003. He is currently a professor at the Geography Education Department at Kangwon National University.

While at UConn as a visiting professor in 2007-2008, Ock photographed the New England landscape. He refers to his work as photogeography, a blend of geography, photography, art and science. The images in this exhibit focus on water, with its many forms and meanings. Commenting on his photographs, Hansuk Ock says:

“Water is the origin of life, the beginning and the ending. It rises from rivers, lakes and oceans, circulates in the air, and returns to its sources. Water is critical in our lives, holding many different meanings. Some find it peaceful, restful, the accompaniment to leisure; others regard it as a reflection of morality. Different meanings can be also discovered in the relationships among water trees and rocks, or on bench or in a house by the shore.

Water is a mirror, reflecting the physical world as well as our inner feelings. Sometimes, the interaction of water with the sun and clouds is too intense. I find freedom and peace in the ambiguity of fog and often seek to photograph by the shore, just before or after sunrise. Usually, I photograph in black and white; color can conceal the true nature of existence. I can hear my own voice - or God’s - best in monochrome.”