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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Landscape Photographs by Bruce Lippincott

Outdoor photography is an art form controlled by natural forces—wind, rain, sunshine, fog and tide. The elements of nature photography, such as powerful skies or dramatic misty mornings, cannot be created by the photographer. Magic visionary moments are “wild” and cannot be controlled. You just have to be there. Then, the power of the image that you take home depends on the things that you can control—like composition that creates color rhythms, harmony between light and dark areas, etc. In this regard, photography and painting share many of the same elements New England native and landscape photographer Bruce Lippincott considers studying the great painters and artists essential to understanding the “photographic” art form.

Bruce has been working for more than twenty years with patterns and harmonies inspired by nature’s rhythms. His compositions are recorded outdoors using various cameras with special apochromatic optics, including the use of a wooden, large-format camera, complete with shift, tilt and swing movements. This camera requires the use of a dark cloth, ground glass, and focusing loupe—with all images being composed upside-down on individual sheets of film.

Selected images of landscapes, seascapes, cloud formations, and close-ups in nature are from Maine to California, although New England is Bruce’s specialty. All images are created in color, recorded in either transparency or negatives. No digital processes are used at any time.

All prints are made by Bruce in his old-fashioned wet darkroom on long-lasting Cibachrome or Fuji Crystal Archive papers, the most permanent printing materials in their class. They are complimented by all-cotton mat work and archival materials throughout. He uses only traditional darkroom techniques like dodging and burning (to control brightness). Bruce also does his own framing, matching native hardwoods to the color of the picture.

Bruce Lippincott’s studio is open by appointment.
Prices are available upon request:
157 Old Colony Rd, Eastford, CT 06242.