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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Basketball Hoop, Morgan City,LA by Mark Morelli
If you’ve ever spent time in a driveway or yard bouncing a basketball against the ground, blacktop, wall, or hoop before you, this exhibit will take you to that time and place again. Whether you’ve played ball competitively or just to pass the time, Mark Morelli has captured the experience and held it still for us again.

Mark photographed his first basketball hoop in Boston’s North End in 1985, but it wasn’t until 1992 that he became fully aware of the pervasiveness of hoops—perhaps the most ubiquitous piece of sports equipment in America’s backyards and driveways—in his travels.

Hoops appeared everywhere—attached to trees, telephone poles, flagpoles, street signs, or gas station canopies. Some were official NBA models, others homemade; some were regulation height, others placed to suit the location or possibly the player’s height; some too old and rusted to be used; and some forgotten—now just part of the landscape, no longer noticed. Mark, however, noticed them and recorded these 62 images of an American icon as he traveled across the country.

Mark Morelli is a graduate of University of Rhode Island and has worked exclusively as a freelance photographer in the Boston area since 1980. His photographs can be found on college and university campuses in the Boston area, in publications by those institutions, and in nationally recognized newspapers and journals.

Artist Statement

Reception for the Artist, Sunday, December 5th, 2-4 pm