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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Making Meaningful & Memorable Landscapes Selected Work by Peter MiniuttiLandscape architecture is a profession as diverse in composition as there are human activities and natural environments on the earth. The work ranges from residential landscape designs with construction budgets in the hundreds of dollars to the development of natural resource management plans for entire ecological systems with cost implications in the billions. The scale and scope may vary, but the goal is the same--to create or preserve settings for human activities, that if designed properly, engage the mind and touch the heart, while allowing the original environment, both human and non-human, to be sustained.

In this exhibition, Peter Miniutti, assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Connecticut, demonstrates how the theory of built form is transformed into built landscapes. The profession of landscape architecture is unique and challenging in that it combines principles from an array of disciplines. We are not architects, yet we need to know how buildings work. We are not engineers, yet we need to understand solutions for controlling forces of nature. We are not horticulturists, yet we must apply appropriate planting strategies. We are not artists, but we create poetry in the landscape. Part art, part science, we create socially responsible landscapes that combine function with aesthetics.

Babbidge Library
Gallery on the Plaza