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Among the many other creations that she fashions from fabric, Salley Mavor crafts book illustrations out of cloth. Her most recent images appear in In the Heart, written by Ann Turner and published by HarperCollins in 2002. This exhibit presents the fifteen original fabric reliefs that appear in the book.

Salley describes the experience of working on the book as follows, "Since it took two years to complete the illustrations for this book, I needed to find ways to stay involved and excited about the project over a long period of time. There was a lot of freedom in this story to create a world and family from my own imagination. Falling in love with the characters also helps to maintain an interest. I concentrated on one double-page spread at a time, bringing the words to life through color and texture. It was my goal to have fun and play with this story, to maintain a fresh, enjoyable attitude throughout the process of making the pictures."

Book reviewers have greeted the book with praise, saying, "Arts and crafts enthusiasts will find inspiration in Mavor's work; nearly everyone will find something to admire." (Publisher's Weekly), and, "Artistically successful in its near-perfect blending of text and visuals" (School Library Journal).

For more information about the variety of work created by Salley Mavor, see her website at

Dodd Research Center, West Corridor
Curator: Terri Goldich

Illustrations copyright 2001 by Salley Mavor, In the Heart, HarperCollins 2001