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October 20 - December 19, 2008



Caracara, Falkland Islands,
by Carolanne Markowitz


Portraits of Nature: Photographs by Carolanne Markowitz

Homer Babbidge Library, Stevens Gallery
Curators: Joan Cole, David Markowitz, Shirlee Sheathelm and Laura Smith

Carolanne Markowitz (1948-2007) had several passions: love of people and of the natural world, devotion to the University of Connecticut and the Town of Mansfield, and travel and photography.

She was at home ten minutes from our door and halfway around the world. Unafraid of hardship, sprawled in mud and droppings to photograph penguins on their level in the Falklands; of danger, overtaken by a storm while sailing off New Zealand; or of great exertion, hiking up a mountain or down a canyon with her heavy backpack, she enjoyed combining strenuous activity and photography. One of her extraordinary journeys, rafting across the Arctic Circle on the Burnside River of Canada's Nunavut Territory, was presented in National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s “There and Back,” a feature devoted to a reader's travel adventure.

She had unlimited patience, for the sun to come out or the wind to die down. Her pictures show the harmony or drama of nature along with balance of color and composition. The present exhibit is representative of her work. There are as many eye-enticing photos in private residences, professional offices, and UConn buildings. Carol’s photographs have been displayed in various area venues, and one of her images of northern gannets on the Gaspé Peninsula won an honorable mention in an annual competition of Nature Photography.

Once, while we traveled in Africa, a Masai tribal leader offered to trade wives with me, but he had so many, along with other possessions; his offer respectfully rejected. Carol’s best work of art remains the goodness she conveyed all her days.

Written by David Markowitz

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