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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Enter the exhibit...

This poster exhibition celebrates the dawn of Korean poster design. After too many years of domination and occupation by the Japanese and the division of the country into two political governments, Korea's economic power is on the rise. As the economy improves, the growing number of industries has turned their attention to improved publicity and visual communication.

Posters in this exhibition show the struggle Korean designers have in establishing their identity. The images are a hybrid with obvious influences from both the East and West. The perdominance of their folk art and the brilliant Korean color palette quickly identifies the national origin. The impressive techinical production of the posters and the quality printing communicate a modern industrial society.

The traveling exhibition was planned and organized by Richard S. Thornton, Professor of Art and Art History at the University of Connecticut, and MeeWha Lee, Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. In 1994, Professor Lee traveled to Korea to gather posters from leading graphic designer. Selected posters were organized into a traveling exhibition that is currently touring universities and colleges in the USA.

Richard Thornton