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Arthur T. Gregorian, Inc. was founded during the Great Depression by Arthur Gregorian, who fled with his family and fellow villagers from his native Persia during the turmoil of World War I. Together with a band of refugees, an eight-year-old Arthur trekked across Iraq, India and France. They finally landed safely in Providence, Rhode Island and eventually settled in New Britain, Connecticut.

After graduation from high school, with $700 in his pocket, Arthur came to Boston. He followed and eventually married Phebe Ballou who was his high school sweetheart when she went to Wellesley College. Phebe died this year.

Arthur's first store, started in l934, was little more than a tiny retail space below street level in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Here he begin to introduce oriental rugs to area residents, colleges and businesses. He once persuaded a college president to buy an oriental rug for his office because, "No one can behave badly in a room with an oriental rug."

The store was moved to its present location at 2284 Washington Street, Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts in l945. Under son John Gregorian's direction, the company acquired the adjacent property, an old paper mill, and created 40,000 square feet of retail space, divided into 11 galleries with over 6,000 oriental rugs on display.

Today, John and his children Scott and Melissa are active in the management of the company.