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University of Connecticut University Libraries

May 29 - August 17, 2007


Glass face, by Bertil Vallien

Glass face, by Bertil Vallien

Splendor in the Glass: Paperweights and Sculptural Objects

Homer Babbidge Library Gallery on the Plaza
Curator: Norman Stevens

Glass has been used for thousands of years to create decorative, functional, and sculptural objects. In Europe and North America for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, glass pieces were produced in factories. However, new discoveries during the second half of the twentieth century made it possible for artisans to create glass items in individual or small-group studios. Splendor in the Glass displays selected works from both factories and studios.

Several Steuben Glass bowls and sculptures designed by Sidney Waugh (1904-1963) are included in the exhibit courtesy of the William Benton Museum of Art. Waugh, a noted American sculptor and the brother of former UConn professor and administrator Albert E. Waugh, enjoyed a career as chief associate designer for Steuben Glass.

Many of the paperweights on display are from factories in France (Baccarat, Clichy, Cristalleries d’Albert, and Cristalleries de Saint Louis), the United Kingdom (Caithness, Perthshire, Strathearn, and Whitefriars), and the United States (Boston and Sandwich, New England Glass Company, and Pairpont). Other paperweights shown were produced in the studios of Mary Angus, Rick Ayotte, Bittersweet Glass, Correia, Dudley Giberson, Michael Gould, Dominic Labino, Orient & Flume, Josh Simpson, Henry Summa, and Debbie Tarsitano.

Sculptural pieces and other objects by contemporary studio glass artists Kenneth Carder, Dudley Giberson, Henry Summa, and Bertil Vallien are included in the exhibit, as are small, often comic lampwork figurines.

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