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University of Connecticut University Libraries

The Givers
A Tribute to Donors

Mother Goose. Selections. Rhymes about children. Compiled by Eden A. Delcher; illustrated by Janice Fried. Baltimore:Allan Publishers, c1992 Gift of Frank Gagliardi

As is the case with many of the Libraries’ finest collections, the Northeast Children's Literature Collection relies to a great degree upon donations of books and related materials. The library is fortunate to have a group of munificent individuals who are dedicated to the development of this collection. Year after year, they search out and send along wonderful examples of the best children's literature, including both current and out of print publications. By virtue of their continuing interest, they have helped to create a collection of national significance.

The Givers highlights some of the extraordinary books donated by this special group of people. It is a tribute to their generosity and to their ongoing support for the collection and the library.

Dodd Research Center Gallery
Curator: Terri J. Goldich