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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Hibiscus Flower by Jutta Halpin

Fiber Revolution is a group of thirty award-winning textile artists who turn the concept of traditional quilting upside down and inside out. With fabric as their medium, they dye, paint, cut, tear, stamp, fuse, and embellish it, before quilting, or stitching through the layers of cloth. The results are not quilts to place on the bed, but art to hang on the wall.

In this double show, the quilters demonstrate the power and versatility of their work. Quilts as Art presents abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and other genres that derive their form and color from fabric rather than paint. Visions of Women focuses on the female experience, reflecting its depth and variety, again through the colors and textures of fabric.

Fiber Revolution was founded in 2002 by Martha Sielman of Storrs. Its members, from seven New England and Mid-Atlantic states, also belong to Studio Art Quilt Associates, the professional organization for art quilters. The group has exhibited widely in the Northeast (including an upcoming show at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts), and has garnered rave reviews from both the press and the public.

Participating artists include: Virginia Abrams, Tristan Robin Blakeman, Nancy Board, Rachel Cochran, Barbara Corrigan, Judy Cuddihee, Karen Eckmeier, Susan Ferraro, Cynthia Friedman, Jutta Halpin, Gloria Hansen, Judy Langille, Barbara McKie, Joanna Niemann, Elizabeth Poole, Jeri Riggs, Elizabeth Rosenberg, Deborah Tiryung Sidwell, Martha Sielman, Melanie Testa, Carolyn Lee Vehslage, and Elin Waterston.

Additional quilts by members of Fiber Revolution may be seen at CHIP (Center for Health/HIV Intervention and Prevention) on the Storrs campus. For more information about individual artists, see

May 31 – August 19, 2005
Babbidge Library, Gallery on the Plaza & Stevens Gallery
Curator: Michele Palmer