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University of Connecticut University Libraries

The Stevens Gallery is located on the B Level of the Babbidge Library, adjacent to one of the library's primary reading rooms. The space is especially appropriate for medium to large framed paintings (drawings, collages, etc), and also works well for photography and sculpture.

The gallery includes four sections of 90" high exhibit panels that accept nails for hanging framed objects. Section dimensions:
   1) 10'6" long
   2) 22'9" long
   3) 19' long
   4) 19' long
Total linear feet of panels: 71'

Wall-mounted exhibits may be supplemented with:
   1) Two glass vitrines (60" w x 24" d x 57" interior height)
   2) Two tabletop glass cases (60" w x 30"d x 10" interior height)

There are 12 pedestals/platforms for sculpture or other three dimensional objects:
   (1).7'x 7'x 4" h
   (1).20"x 18"x 3'
   (2).3'x 3'x 17"
   (4).24"x 24" x 3'
   (3).15"x 15"x 43"
   (1).14"x 14" x 38"

General illumination in the gallery comes from overhead fluorescent fixtures. Ceiling mounted track lighting allows for highlighting individual works.