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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Diane Asséo Griliches:
Library, the Drama Within

© University of Connecticut Libraries.

The photographic images in this exhibit, showing the diverse life within a wide variety of libraries, were created by Ms Asséo Griliches over a period of five years and were published in 1996 by the University of New Mexico Press in a book of the same title. Included in the exhibit are photographs of magnificent national repositories such as the Library of Congress, the National Library of Sarajevo(now destroyed), and the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, as well as visitors to more humble libraries such as those in a tiny one room library in rural Virginia, or in a converted jail in Mississippi. The life inside great private, civic and university libraries, among them the Boston Athenaeum, the New York Public Library, and Harvard University, is also amply displayed. The meaning in each image is enhanced by a moving quotation from literature.

Ms. Asséo Griliches lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Homer Babbidge Library, Level I

Selected Photographs