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Words, Pictures, Wit:
Self-Expression as Communication Illustrations by Cora Lynn Deibler
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Cora Lynn Deibler, a native of Pennsylvania, received a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University in 1985, and an MFA in Illustration from Syracuse University in 1995. For the past twelve years she has operated a freelance illustration studio with business partner Patti Argoff. They specialize in editorial, institutional, children's, and children's educational illustration. Ms. Deibler coordinates the illustration program at the University of Connecticut.

Drawings are the initial building blocks of Ms. Deibler's work, acting as structures for the pieces. These are executed in ink on paper, and pigment is applied with watercolor. Text is hand lettered, which relates stylistically to the images. The element of humor is consistent; satirical words and images are both an extension of her personality and a genre to which viewers are receptive. Ms. Deibler's work is designed to deliver a communication, and using humor prepares the audience to receive the message. Visual communication is cyclical: environment generates the inspiration for work, the pieces are created, and with viewer participation the work is complete. Her current interests include exploration of letterforms in combination with humorous, narrative images, and reportage illustration (visual reporting). As such, she is continuing work on "The Art of Rare Breeds: A Visual Exploration of Farm Animal Conservation," a project devoted to interpreting images of rare and endangered agricultural animals.

Ms. Deibler's clients have included The Washington Post, E the Environmental Magazine, Toyota America, U. S. Sprint, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Penn State University, The Weekly Reader, McGraw-Hill, and Planned Parenthood. Awards for her work have included How magazine's self-promotional annual, The New York State Press Association Award for Illustrated Graphic, the Syracuse Press Club's Best Illustrated Graphic, and The National Restaurant Association's silver medal for "Most Creative" menu design. She is a member of the Graphic Artists' Guild, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the College Art Association, and Phi Kappa Phi.

Artist Statement

Dodd Research Center Gallery
Curator: Terri Goldich