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University of Connecticut University Libraries

As our society becomes more and more engrossed in popular culture, it iseasy to disregard the substantial influence that earlier civilizations exertedon the art, literature, and science of the past. More often than not, thatinfluence is only a fragment taken from the past to illuminate a contemporary idea.Sometimes it is only a name; sometimes it is a concept; sometimes a myth.

This exhibit celebrates fragments: fragments of ancient architecture appearingin 18thand 19thcentury art,fragments of the Greek and Roman classics emergingas motifs in the literature of past centuries,fragments of ancient science reappearing as new discoveries in the Renaissance and early modern periods of discovery.

Drawn from the visual collections of the William Benton Museum of Art and the book collections in the University Libraries’ Archives & Special Collections,Classical Muse(ings) provides the viewer with an opportunity to reflect on thesurprising variety of references to earlier cultures that artists, writers, and scientistsemployed to connect their works to the traditions of the past.

Dodd Center Gallery
Curators: Thomas P. Bruhn and Rutherford W. Witthus

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