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Works In Clay
from the
Clay Arts East
This exhibit is the inaugural group show of ceramics from members of the Eastern Connecticut Ceramics Cooperative. Established in the mid-1990s, the Cooperative has provided an opportunity for a community of potters living in Northeastern Connecticut to share their enthusiasm for creating works of art in clay. The group meets regularly and offers work for sale twice each year in Mansfield.

Current members, whose work is represented in this exhibit, include: Richard Bourque; Joey Jablonski; Betsy Kaemmerlan; Barbara Katz; Carl Meigs; Suzy Staubach; Carol and Jeff Tollefson; and Winnie Ver Haagh. Information about each potter and his or her work will be presented with the exhibit The pieces being shown were selected by the curators to demonstrate the diversity and quality of the work being produced by these local artisans.

To view information about each potter and his or her work click here

Homer D. Babbidge Library
Gallery on the Plaza
Curators: Roger Crossgrove and Norman D. Stevens