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University of Connecticut University Libraries


May 26 - October 9, 2009

UConn Aviation Club, 1947

UConn Aviation Club members, ca. 1947

The pilots usually were World War II vets who had flown bomber or fighter aircraft over Germany. Several of us would rent aircraft early on a Sunday morning and then fly to an airport with a restaurant. After a good breakfast, we would fly back -- by Carl Brandt


Something Important Happened Today: Student Photography on Campus

Dodd Research Center West Corridor
Curator: Betsy Pittman

Photographing university activities and events is all too often the work of staff photographers employed to take official pictures or a member of the Photo Pool hired to document the presence of a dignitary on campus. In sharp contrast, photographs taken by students on campus record events that are significant to the individual and activities and events he or she considers important.

The University Archives, repository of the institutions history, has ready access to the work of official photographers. But only on rare occasions do we have the good fortune to come upon a major collection of images created by a student, let alone one that is accompanied by identifications and personal recollections.

The photograph collection of Carl Brandt, Class of 1949, is one of those rare occasions. While on campus in the late 1940s -- a period of remarkable change on the Storrs campus -- Brandt took thousands of photographs. This exhibit presents a selection of Dr. Brandt's images, complemented by his memories.