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University of Connecticut University Libraries

The Graphic Art of Elena Antimonova

June 12 - August 25, 2000

Latvian artist Elena Antimonova, known for her drawings, book illustration, ex libris, water-colors and computer art, has illustrated more then 60 books, including masterpieces of world classics, fairy tales, and poetry. Her work has been exhibited frequently in the Baltic countries and in Russia since 1969. It has also been shown in Denmark , Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, and Japan.

Antimonova's work is characterized by a romantic decorative filigree technique. Her graphics are supple, plastic, and expressive. Her stylized images, depicting the eternal renewal and variety of form and beauty in nature and the human body, lend themselves to flights of fancy, fairytales and dreams.. Her human figures are entwined with ornamental garlands and other organic forms, dominating the composition but also becoming a integral decorative element within it.

Antimonov's inspiration is drawn from the world's cultural heritage--myth, literature, history--and from her travels. Each image is infused with her personal attitudes, experiences, senses, and emotions. Turning to the past, she seeks to convey the emotional "atmosphere" that prevailed in an era, both for historical accuracy as well as for the setting. She is particularly attracted to the Medieval period, with its legends of knights and mythical culture. Impressions from Venice also have a special place in her work, expressed as the careless merriment of carnival. Masks become symbols of contradiction, contrasting life's brief and sometimes trivial pleasures with the eternal values of art, music, and poetry.

Dodd Center Gallery
Curator: David Kapp