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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Afarin Rahmanifar: New Works

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Before coming to America from her native Iran in 1989, Afarin Rahmanifar had experienced a dramatically changed culture. Having embraced contemporary Western ideas, the country then underwent an Islamic fundamentalist revolt. As an artist she needed to express the questions this imposed, especially for women. Once in multicultural America, these issues only became more intense. She has explored how culture imposes a "female imagery" and has expressed in her work a very personal view.
Shahrzad, Encounter in Never Never Land
paper, oil paint,and wax cut-out images on board

Ms. Rahmanifar has created art about existing betweeen East and West. The symbols in her work come directly from Iranian and American cultures. It is a unique journey for the viewer, who can cross cultural boundaries with one look.

Ms. Rahmanifar received a MFA in painting from the University of Connecticut in 1996 and is currently teaching on the Storrs campus.

Homer Babbidge Library
Stevens Gallery, Level B

Selected Works                   Artist's Statement