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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Mushrooms The Botanical Paintings
of Ethel R. Warkov


During the 1970s, Ethel Warkov began a series of botanical paintings of wild mushrooms. Each instance is a life-size representation, painted from fresh specimens in watercolor and gouache. When she died in 1993, she had completed 111 paintings in the series. Both her love of mushrooms and her attention to detail are evident in this large selection from the collection.

Ethel Warkov, a native of Brooklyn, New York, graduated from Brooklyn College as a design major and studied painting and printmaking at the Brooklyn Museum School of Art. Her prints, paintings, and drawings have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, the Harper Gallery in Chicago, the Connecticut State Capitol, the Lebanon Art Gallery, and the Wilbur Cross Library at the University of Connecticut. She lived with her family in Storrs, Connecticut, on whose two acres grew armillariella mellea, commonly called honey mushrooms.

Dodd Center, West Corridor
Curator: Rutherford Witthus