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Donna Hamil Talman says of her work,“I have simultaneously felt an escalating curiosity about and connection to the past and have been drawn back through time,beyond my family and ancestors,beyond recorded history to the dawn of humankind and the animals that preceded humans.

Bones are what remain after we die,but they are,for me,an expression of longing to be identified with something beyond myself,something planetary.What is ancient reminds me of our deep connection to nature and each other,a bond easily lost in our fast-paced,high tech lives.

This series of photographs addresses concepts of time,wherein vertebrates from a time in pre-history and displayed in museums in a nineteenth-century manner are in dialogue with the twenty-first century through my manipulations of the images.The lighting makes them appear to float,like embryos,inviting viewers to contemplate profound aspects of our being:birth,death —in this case,extinction —and the possibilities of transformation.

I wish to explore how these instinctual,archetypal forms tap into deeper,unconscious forces in us and to stimulate a dialogue between the ancient and contemporary.Saying ‘I feel it in my bones ’ reminds us that history —the history of the world,in fact —is in us.”

Ms.Talman,a resident of Worcester,MA,is a graduate of the University of Colorado and of Clark University.Her photography is shown frequently in galleries and museums in Boston,New York,Chicago,Washington DC,and across the country.She is the recipient of numerous grants and other awards and has taught photography for nearly two decades.

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Babbidge Library,Stevens Gallery
Curator: Roger Crossgrove

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