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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Stormlight, watercolor, 2004

Inspired by the farmlands of New England and the salt marshes of Cape Cod, Tim Saternow captures the bold effects of wind and weather on the open landscape. By reflecting on the land, sky, and water, he creates meditations of light and dark with texture and depth.

Saternow has been designing sets and lighting for theatre, television, and film for over twenty years. More recently, he has begun to use his theatrical instincts to inform his watercolors. Painting, as with the theater, is all about light.

This exhibit is about process. Starting with small studies painted on site, Saternow builds the composition, counterpoint, and value balance. Then, he returns to the studio where, in larger paintings, he is able to further the abstraction and explore the power of light. Saternow’s paintings have been in group shows and collections in Pittsburgh, Hartford, Seattle, Denver, Long Beach, CA, and at the Prague Quadrennial in the Czech Republic. He has won awards for his set and lighting designs, including an Emmy Award nomination for the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of The Piano Lesson.

Tim Saternow received his education from Yale University, where he studied watercolor with Ming Cho Lee and Franco Colavecchia, and worked with Jennifer Tipton, Tony Walton, and Philipp Jung. He also studied at the Art Students League of New York with Anthony Polumbo, and at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts with William M. Vrscak of the American Watercolor Society.

Saternow is head of scene design in the Department of Dramatic Arts, School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut. He resides in Mansfield Center and in New York City.

Dodd Center Gallery
Curator: Tracey Rudnick