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University of Connecticut University Libraries

In conjunction with the 12th annual Connecticut Children’s Book Fair, November 8-9, the Dodd Research Center presents A Visit With Little Red Riding Hood, an exhibit intended to be enjoyed by both adults and children.

Recently, UConn Professor of Art Emeritus Roger Crossgrove donated his collection of over 150 editions of Little Red Riding Hood to the Northeast Children’s Literature Collection in Archives & Special Collections. His collection emerged from the Picture Book Illustration class he taught at UConn, in which he often asked students to illustrate a fairy tale. He discovered that the widely varying interpretations and presentations of Little Red Riding Hood elicited considerable class discussion.

A wealth of editions of Little Red Riding Hood have been, and continue to be, published since the tale first appeared in Charles Perrault’s collection of fairy tales in 1697, and especially since it appeared in the fairy tales published by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1812. Perhaps more than any other fairy tale, this story has been subjected to analysis and interpretation by scholars from many disciplines. The image of Little Red Riding Hood has been used to advertise products for well over a century and has generated a wide range of collectibles in every imaginable form. There is little question that this tale is more deeply embedded in our consciousness than any other fairy tale, even though it has never yet been converted into a Disney movie.

This exhibit embodies all of these elements of Little Red Riding Hood’s history and popularity, including original artwork from contemporary American children’s book illustrators who have produced versions of the story—James Marshall, Ed Young, Michael Emberley, Trina Schart Hyman, Siri Weber, and Andrea Wisnewski. It will feature four original sketches of the main characters created in his honor by former students of Roger Crossgrove—Tomie de Paola, Moira Fain, John Schoenherr, and Jos. A. Smith. Posters and other images, a selection of critical commentaries on the tale, and a variety of editions of Little Red Riding Hood will be included in the exhibit, and a selection of collectibles and memorabilia will be interspersed throughout the display.

Dodd Center Gallery & West Corridor
Curators: Roger Crossgrove, Norman Stevens & Terri Goldich