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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Tommy Rosa’s Ogre
2001 Raab Associates Prize Winner

When considering this project a few things came into my mind. First of all, what kind of image would I enjoy, or have the most fun, creating? To be honest we, as a class, had a great deal of freedom in creating our pieces since there was only one guideline or requirement - the Ogre from Puss in Boots. Second, I had to ask myself what kind of images excited me as a child? That’s a tough one because even at the early age of five I was more fascinated by the horror and sci-fi movies my older brother was watching than any ogre or troll in a children’s book. As a kid I tended to stray away from the printed page. In the end I think I pushed my image to a somewhat older audience because of my nephews who are five and seven. They are not exactly an older audience, but they do like to look at most of the things I do. I had them in mind most of the time while producing this piece. What would they enjoy looking at and how far could I push that without their mother getting mad at me.

Tommy Rosa