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Sally Sargent Markey says,“I believe that the separation of art,illustration,and crafts into divisions is arbitrary.It ’s all a matter of skill and personal taste.I paint and create in many ways and mediums depending on my purpose and mood,sometimes combining them all.All my work begins with the same source and a need to communicate."

The works included in this exhibit are her experiments with paste paper and symbols.Paste paper is used as book end paper for hand made books,and she has used this acrylic technique as a ground for investigation into landscape and photo realistic images as symbols for our emotional world.

“The foundation for this current series has its origin years ago during long walks home from grammar school on dirt roads and through woods in all sea- sons,” she says..“These walks marked my psyche and made me love the natural world.I knew quite early I wanted to paint things.The same challenges hold me today as then:seeing and rendering as truly as I can and feeling the joy of painting beautiful color,rhythms,and patterns.”

Paint,symbols,the natural and emotional world are the vehicles Markey uses to take non-representational ideas such as loneliness,contentment or legends to make the viewer feel an empathy with the subject matter. Ms.Markey,an alumna of the University of Connecticut,has also studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design and the Hill Institute in Florence, MA.A former staff artist/designer for Hallmark Cards,Inc.,she is now a freelance artist and book illustrator.Her work has been shown widely in galleries and shows in New England and across the country.

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Babbidge Library,Gallery on the Plaza
Curator:Roger Crossgrove

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