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Then and Now
Collages by Joy Floyd

Joy Floyd is a collage artist living and working in Hartford. She says of her work: “My muse is quite tangible. My inspiration is the ordinary stuff left over at the end of a day or a year or a life. Faded jeans, rusted metal, marbleized papers, linen scraps, stained copper, wood shingles, shells, stones, buttons and bottle caps excite me. The unique beauty of materials with a history obliges me to honor these objects in my collages. The ideas expressed in my pieces start with a particular material and grow during the mysterious process of selecting and integrating other materials to complete the puzzle. I retrieve the textures, shapes, and colors that I could never create on my own. I can, however, present them in my compositions as gifts; since they were given to me.”

Ms. Floyd is a long-time member of Artworks Gallery. In 1998, she was awarded an artist fellowship by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Her dedication to the collage medium stems from her involvement with young children and their extraordinary imaginative use of materials.

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Babbidge Library, Stevens Gallery
Curator: Roger Crossgrove