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Lisa Schwartz & Kurt Swanson

Pinkwater Glass Studio One of the things we find most exciting about the medium of glass is that it allows us almost instant gratification. We can take a drawing into the studio one day and have the vase or goblet of our dreams in our hands the next. We like glass that is beautifully designed, exquisitely made, and amusing to use. That’s what we are always striving to accomplish at Pinkwater Glass. As collectors of beautifully designed things, we strive to design and produce functional glass that others will want to collect. It has always been our goal to create objects that we want to own, use, and display in our home. Lisa Schwartz and Kurt Swanson met in 1987 while studying at the Massachusetts College of Art; they have designed and created glass together ever since. After receiving their masters’ degrees they founded Pinkwater Glass as a means of developing an independent career and lifestyle that fulfilled their dreams. Within a year they had developed a line of high-quality distinctive designs that established them as leaders in their field. Their sophisticated, whimsical, and colorful creations range from dinnerware, goblets, candelabras, and vases to one-of-a-kind sculpture, furniture, and lighting. All are signed and dated. Because of the complexity of the work, only a limited number of pieces can be produced each day. Pinkwater Glass has won numerous awards, received accolades from the press, and been exhibited internationally; it is represented in more than a dozen museum collections. Innovation has always been at the root of Pinkwater’s success. Today, in their Hudson River studio in Carmel, NY, Schwartz and Swanson continue to produce their popular designs while developing new designs for their functional work each year. They market their work through craft fairs as well as in shops and galleries. They also accept commissions from select clients and corporate collectors. See