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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Banded Vessel, Kari Russell-Pool & Marc PetrovicIn the 1960s, Dominick Labino and Harvey Littleton pioneered a resurgence of studio glass production that led to an entirely new body of colorful functional and sculptural work. Labino and Littleton were the first to demonstrate that technology had developed to the point where one individual, or a few individuals working together, in a small studio could create glass objects. It was a movement away from the large-scale factory production of glass that had dominated for many years as well as a return to the earlier practice of individual craft. Today, many glassblowers are producing a wide range of work at various levels of excellence. One intriguing aspect of this new movement is the extent to which two or more artists have developed creative partnerships, working together as what can best be characterized as glassblowing companions.

Murrini Bowl, Joppa Glassworks
Red Oval Bowl, Kraatz & Russell
Fan Vase, Pinkwater Glass

The exhibit showcases the high quality work that four contemporary couples are currently producing. They are:

This exhibit also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Storrs Murrini Window, which was created and installed by Dudley Giberson in Homer Babbidge Library in 1978 just as the building was being completed. The window is located adjacent to the Stevens Gallery on Level B of the library.

Babbidge Library,
Gallery on the Plaza
Curator: Norman Stevens