January 19 - March 5, 2010

2010 Calendar

Design of Time:
Ten Years of Cummings & Good Calendars

by Jan Cummings Good and Peter Good

Dodd Research Center Gallery and Corridor
Curator: Suzanne Zack

For more than three decades the award-winning graphic design team Cummings & Good has created compelling design solutions for Fortune 500 companies, arts organizations, educational institutions, and special events. Based in Chester, Connecticut, principals Janet Cummings Good and Peter Good earned their B.F.A. degrees at UConn; later in their careers they developed the University’s identity system.

Their work has been widely recognized both professionally and as fine art in galleries and exhibits across the country and overseas. Most recently, the Connecticut Art Directors Club and the American Institute of Graphic Artists honored them as “Design Legends.” Working collaboratively with their distinct skill-set, the two partners provide a comprehensive approach to each design challenge, always with the intent of engaging the viewer.

The exhibit Design of Time is a survey of Cummings & Good’s annual effort to make the ordinary calendar a showcase of imagery, letterforms, illustration and literary quotations. The process, and why this talented team continually produce the calendar, is best explained by Peter Good:

“The calendar series was born of our passion for combining words and images to create evocative notations that apply to a theme. It is a labor of love for art, language and print, a month at a time, and has become a ritual of inspiration, stimulating our intellectual preoccupations and our visual craft. There are no stylistic limitations beyond the vertical structure of the monthly form. Like notes on a musical register for composers, the tall thin format allows a diverse array of techniques to express an aspect of the theme.”