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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Monument to a late 1950’s family, photo by Laura Crow
Rice Paddies and Chocolate Hills
Photographs of the Philippines by Laura Crow

The lush landscapes of the Philippine Islands are captured in a series of photographs by Laura Crow, professor of costume history and de sign in the University of Connecticut’s Dramatic Arts Department. As a complementary exhibit to the paintings of Reynaldo Reyes, these images offer both simple and spectacular views of the ancestral home of Filipino- Americans. They include dramatic vistas of hanging bridges and rocky coastlines, as well as everyday scenes of native huts, middle- class life, cattle ranches, and a children’s parade. Professor Crow recently returned from a sabbatical in the Philippines, where a Fulbright Grant supported her research on festival costumes. These photographs are a sampling of the more than seven thousand images she recorded.

Babbidge Library Plaza, West Alcove
Curator: Michele Palmer and Laura Crow

Reynaldo Reyes’ paintings and Laura Crow’s photographs are exhibited in cooperation with (Re)Presenting Filipino Americans, a national Filipino conference to be held on the Storrs campus, September 20- 22, sponsored by the Asian American Studies Institute and the Asian American Cultural Center at the University of Connecticut.