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University of Connecticut University Libraries

Botanical Metamorphics

by Ann Parker

A selection of images from the Homer Babbidge Library exhibit

"Orange Poppy"
May 15,2001

August 28,1994 (Not in Exhibit)

"Red Currents"
July 21,1995

"Seashore Rose"
August 28,2000

"Apple & Leaf"
December 15,1994

"Nasturtium Blossoms & Flowers"
September 19, 1997

"Sugar Peas"
July 8,1995

"Lady Slippers"
June 5,1997

May 6,2001

"Fantasy Parrot Tulip"
May 26,1996

"Jack in the Pulpit"
May 20,1994 (Not in Exhibit)

"Miniature Daffodils"
February 15,1996

October 9,1993 (Not in Exhibit)

"Bloodroot Blossom & Leaf"
May 4,1995

"Magnolia Blossom & Bud"
April 28,1998