March 15 - June 11, 2010


Chinese Lanterns,copyright Alex Gnidziejko

Chestnuts,copyright Alex Gnidziejko

"Chinese Lanterns" and "Chestnuts"
by Alex Gnidziejko

Contemporary Renaissance Realism

by Alex Gnidziejko

Homer Babbidge Library Gallery on the Plaza

Alex Gnidziejko started his career as an illustrator in 1966 -1986 working for all the major magazines such as: Time Magazine, McCall’s, New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated and National Geographic.  One of the many awards he received was the gold medal from the Society of Illustrators. In 1985, he moved to Maine and started a career painting portraits and between the portraits he painted still lifes.  The inspirations for his paintings were the Dutch and Flemish masters of the Renaissance period.

Today, Alex Gnidziejko works in a style of heightened realism and using the techniques of the Renaissance masters.  With the renaissance technique of egg tempura oil emulsion, his paintings have stunning depth and a three dimensional quality.  The process starts with a precise underpainting of white egg tempura. Using very small brush strokes that follow the contour of the subject he brings definition to form and accentuates the highlights. Transparent glazes are then applied to the painting over the luminescent egg tempera.  Gnidziejko is able to achieve a life like quality that characterizes his paintings.  As one of the foremost masters of this medium, his work is in many public and private collections including:  Smithsonian Institution National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC, Mass General Hospital, Bates College, Central Maine Medical Hospital, Androscoggin Savings Bank, US Navy.
His public exhibits include: Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ; Middlesex Cultural Museum, Piscataway, NJ; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Maine State Capitol Building, Augusta, Maine; Butler Institute, Youngstown, Ohio; Boston Guild of Artists, Boston, MA.

Opening Reception is Sunday, March 28th, from 2-4pm.

Curator: Jane Recchio


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