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University of Connecticut University Libraries

User Surveys

The University of Connecticut Libraries are committed to supporting the academic, research and curriculum needs of the University’s faculty and students. In support of this commitment, the Libraries have undertaken a series of system-wide user surveys to gather evaluative data from faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.

The purpose of these surveys is to learn about faculty and student use of, attitudes toward, and satisfaction with the Libraries’ collections, services, and facilities. The information gathered represents an important advance in our effort to better understand library use by our primary user populations. This information contributes to a collection of data that will assist the Libraries in benchmarking, planning, and decision-making responsibilities.

Final reports for these surveys can be accessed from the links below.

The Adobe Acrobat viewer is required to read these documents, and can be downloaded for free.

User Surveys Spring 2012

User Surveys Overview Report
User Surveys Data Report
User Surveys Crosstabulations Report

LibQual+ 2010 Survey

LibQual+ 2010 Survey ARL UConn Report
LibQual+ 2010 Survey UConn Libraries Survey & Assessment Team Report

LibQual+ 2008 Survey

LibQual+ 2008 Survey ARL UConn Report
LibQual+ 2008 Survey UConn Libraries User Team Report

USER Survey Spring 2006 - Storrs & Regional Campuses

USER Survey Summary Report
USER Survey Instrument
Library USERs Tell Us What They Think - Library Forum Presentation

LibQual+ 2004 Survey

LibQual+ 2004 Survey ARL UConn Report
LibQual+ 2004 Survey UConn Libraries User Team Report

USER Survey Fall 2001 - Storrs & Regional Campuses

USER Survey Final Report
USER Survey Appendices

Comparative Analysis of Surveys, 1996-1999

User Surveys Comparative Analysis (Faculty, Undergraduate, Graduate)

Graduate Survey 1998-1999

Graduate Survey Final Report
Graduate Survey Appendices

Undergraduate Survey 1997-1998

Undergraduate Survey Final Report
Undergraduate Survey Appendices

Faculty Survey 1996

Faculty Survey Final Report
Faculty Survey Appendices