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University of Connecticut University Libraries

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University of Connecticut Libraries Diversity Plan

The Libraries are the heart and soul of the University of Connecticut’s academic enterprise. It is therefore incumbent on the Libraries to embrace the key principles that embody the University’s mission. In its pursuit to become one of the premier public universities, the University of Connecticut has identified diversity as an important element in its quest. The Libraries have an important role to play to ensure that a culture of diversity is one of the University’s defining characteristics.

The Libraries’ Diversity Plan encompasses four dimensions:

  1. Recruitment and retention of underrepresented staff;
  2. Marketing and communicating diversity;
  3. Diversity education; and
  4. Campus climate

The Libraries’ staff members are among the most visible to prospective students and their parents as they tour UConn’s campuses. Our staff members also play a critical role in the academic lives of UConn faculty and students. While we must focus on recruiting and retaining underrepresented staff, it is also imperative that we recruit and retain a quality staff of varying age, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. We must also welcome to our staff individuals with disabilities and persons from various socio-economic backgrounds.

We need to ensure that the Libraries’ various means of communicating with the UConn community reflect our commitment to diversity. A growing body of research indicates that that a diverse campus environment benefits students and better prepares them for life and work in a global community. On a daily basis, our interactions with UConn’s diverse community of faculty and students must display an understanding, sensitivity to, and respect for their varying cultural backgrounds. It is essential that the Libraries’ teaching programs reflect our understanding and respect for diversity. The Libraries’ collections, as well, must indicate our obligation to provide the UConn community with a diverse set of scholarly resources.

The Libraries are at the center of the University of Connecticut academic community. Faculty and students visit the Libraries, in person and electronically, every day. It is our responsibility, as library staff and as members of the UConn community, that we embody and reflect the University’s commitment to diversity.

Brinley Franklin

Vice Provost for University Libraries